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The most important purpose for this website is to reach for ways in which we can fulfill Kiran Verma’s utopian vision (which appears on page 105 in my book THE MESSAGE and on this page in the poem, “Always”). Together we can fulfill this vision.

To introduce myself: Most of my boyhood years were spent at Woodstock School in North India, as my parents were Christian missionaries in Burma. For many years, I have divided my time equally between India and the United States. I consider both countries home, but it was in India where I came to understand the vision of Kiran Verma. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from The College of Wooster and a Master of Divinity degree from The Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School. I have been a U.S. Naval officer, a Christian pastor, a consultant in time management and goal setting, and a telemarketer.

Recently I concluded my four-year service as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer (2013–2017) in The Kyrgyz Republic where I was Visiting Professor of the English Language at Arabaev Kyrgyz State University.

I have published four books (Aashish 1926-2004; Readings from an India Journal; The Message: and Tales from Earth Orbit) and am working on a fifth (Future Chronicles) to publish in 2019.

Contact me at wcrain@uw.edu. Also follow me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/warrenhallcrain) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/warrenhallcrain). And see my Amazon Author Page (from which you can order my books) at amzn.to/1rmJ9Uq.


The rain falls gently again tonight
And there is no wind.
But in the skies above Khajuraho
Great sheets of lightning and jagged forks
Announce the beauty of your dance,
Lord Shiva.

Surely you are pleased with your people.
Yet again you are dancing in the night sky.
Tonight you revel with us in this, your temple
Honouring the people of THE NEW EARTH.

Rejoicing in a world where everyone has
Abundant food to eat;
Clean air to breathe;
Safe water to drink;
Where streams and rivers run pure and clear;
Where tigers roam the forests,
And great whales roam the seas;
A world in which health care is freely available to all;
Where everyone has a safe and secure home in which to live;
A world in which music and dance and the arts are flourishing;
And every person has access to superb education;
Where all people know you as the One God,
Though we still worship you in richly diverse forms.

Often you have come to us, in outward show, Lord Shiva,
In the clash and furor of the storm,
Phir bhi hamesha hamare dil main tu nachta hai.*
Yet always in our hearts you dance.

* I wrote this poem in Hindi. The last line is a translation of the next to last.

Kiran Verma
21 March 2033

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In the Fourth Century of the Age of Space —that is, about three hundred years in the future —  twenty-five space colonies were built to circle the globe in an orbit about fifty miles further from Earth than the International Space Station.Each of these colonies has a population  of about one million people and  is a new state of one of Earth’s nations. Life in these low gravity “orbitats” (orbital habitats)  is both delightful and challenging  TALES FROM EARTH ORBIT is a collection of fourteen short stories by and about those early colonists. (Click on the cover to buy the book.)


“The author calls THE MESSAGE a whimsical view of Earth in the next 20 years — nevertheless this is a book with a serious purpose. The five factors that lead to the startling outcome in this novella are real … but that outcome does not have to happen. At the end of the book the author presents a utopian vision of life on Earth in the next few centuries. Best of all … he invites us readers to contact him and join the discussion (see the last page of the book for his contact info). In spite of the unsettling future he spins in his story, WarrenHall Crain is an optimist.” (Click on the cover to buy the book.)

Sandra Breuer

          “I am a fan of THE MESSAGE and I’m really intrigued by this model for a utopian future..”


The poem “Always” by Kiran Verma sets forth Kiran’s vision for the Earth and human society, a vision I fully believe we can attain. I invite you to participate in Kiran’s Symposium (Click on “Join the Discussion” below or “Kiran’s Symposium at the top of the page.)

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