I have been writing FUTURE CHRONICLES (subtitle: “The First 500 Years of the Age of Space”) for several years — working on it as time permits (and while publishing four earlier books: “AASHISH 1926-2034,” “READINGS FROM AN INDIA JOURNAL,” “THE MESSAGE,” and “TALES FROM EARTH ORBIT”). All can be found on my Amazon WarrenHall Crain Author Page.


When I return to Seattle from Kyrgyzstan and India in November, I will get back to work on FUTURE CHRONICLES, a book of future history, which I aim to publish on my birthday, 10 September 2019.


My earlier book “Tales from Earth Orbit” will be edited for inclusion in FUTURE CHRONICLES … and here is what the reviewer Christopher K. Scherer wrote about it –


If TALES FROM EARTH ORBIT is Chapter One of a forthcoming book – then I’m looking forward to that book :)....Thank You, WarrenHAll Crain, for your vision of a future people actually look FORWARD to.”

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2 Comments on “15 SEPTEMBER 2017 #37 FUTURE CHRONICLES”

  1. WarrenHall Crain

    I’m finding that writing SPACE AGE CHRONICLES is a daunting task. I do expect to complete the writing and publish the book on time just a few days short of one year from now. And I expect many will be pleased with the descriptions (and stories) of life on earth and into space in the next five centuries. We’ve a lot of work to do in the century in which we are now living and I expect that we human beings will put our hearts into these tasks.

  2. WarrenHall Crain

    I wrote the above comment several months ago when I was thinking of renaming FUTURE CHRONICLES (as “Space Age Chronicles”). I’m back to calling it FUTURE CHRONICLES … am working on it NOW … with plans to publish in September 2019.

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