(E MINUS 40) 9 FEBRUARY 2016 #13 … WHAT IS “E MINUS 40”?

Way back last April I began using this cryptic message “E MINUS…DAYS” to begin some of my posts on this symposium. Since then, I’ve used this “E-MINUS …DAYS” several times. We now have only 40 days. I’ve been surprised that nobody has asked me to explain. And I am not now going to explain. I do, however, urge you to read the book THE MESSAGE. You can read an excerpt by clicking HERE. When you read THE MESSAGE, you will understand, and you will share my sense of urgency. Scroll down to “Leave a Reply” to tell me what “E” means and why it is important. WarrenHall Crain Bishkek, The Kyrgyz Republic 9 February 2016 Please like & share:


(E MINUS 44) 5 FEBRUARY 2016 … READ AN EXCERPT FROM “THE MESSAGE.” Read this excerpt … then order the THE MESSAGE at http://amzn.to/1Au8iAd … (limited-time Kindle price 99 cents – paperback $5.78). Reply below or email me at wcrain@uw.edu to tell me what “E” stands for in the above date (E MINUS 40). You’ll figure it out in the first few pages. ____________________________________________________ On 20 March 2016, Joe and Molly Lambkin get a strange communication: THE MESSAGE. A number of other people around the globe also receive THE MESSAGE that day … but not everyone. Definitely not everyone. What happens, and why, is the story told in this science-fantasy – which includes a serious message for all of us about … Read More