30 JUNE 2016 #17 … EVERY VILLAGE

When I was in Khajuraho, central India, earlier this month I went with my dear friend Dr. Raghav to the village of Kundarpura, just a few kilometres away, in which we are establishing a clinic (open three days a week) to provide basic health care to the whole village (about 1400 people). Raghav had made arrangements for another doctor to visit Kundarpura, and yesterday, and quoting from Dr. Raghav’s post: “Dr. Rachna Gupta visited our clinic on request to see the patients, She diagnosed total 83 patients, and distributed medicines as per requirements. We also provided vitamin A to kids and elders those were near to night blindness. Specially Raveena sister of Arti was very near to such sickness. Dr. Rachna … Read More