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As we weather the storms riling our planet and turning humans against humans, religions against religions, let us keep these words of Brother Martin in our hearts — and think how we can apply them now: “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” I count Martin Luther King, Jr. a strong colleague. I met and spoke with him several times. I have a letter he sent me after I had chatted briefly with him about my decision to join the US Navy. I spoke briefly with him in Atlanta,GA, just before he received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1964. I had completed my Navy career and was, at the time, Associate Pastor of the Friendship Baptist Church in Detroit. My wife, Carolyn, and I were the only white members of the church. Louis Johnson, the pastor, and I had flown to Atlanta for the annual convention of the Progressive National Baptist Churches. Louis (in our church we called him PJ – Pastor Johnson) and I stayed together in Atlanta’s finest downtown hotel — the first time a black man and a white man had ever shared a room there. I was the only white delegate at the conference. These memories and Brother Martin’s words never fail to inspire me and give me courage, especially in difficult times like these.

— WarrenHall Crain Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan1 19 November 2015

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14 Comments on “(E MINUS 115) 25 NOVEMBER 2015 #8 WORDS FOR OUR TIME”

  1. Croc Edil

    Wow, what a privilege you had Warren to meet the man. i am greatly inspired by him, love his speeches including the one mentioned and could not support it more.

    [WarrenHall Crain response: One simple way to look at the world situation these days is that we should NOT focus on hating the terrorists, but we should focus on loving the refugees.

  2. Kenny Miller

    Dr. King was a genius. His words are so profound.

    [WarrenHall Crain response: Yes—and we must use his words as tests of what we are doing—in big things and small. Some people are advocating refusal to refugees. Brother Martin would, I believe, ask us to open our country, our states, our churches, our homes in welcome.]

  3. Faithful Neal


    [WarrenHall Crain response: American and British Christian missionaries in India opened their homes to us when we were refugees. Now we have a chance, in America and Great Britain, to welcome new refugees.]

  4. Tyrone Sykes

    Wow u are truly blessed to have met him let alone stay in the same hotel room with him woow that’s truly a privilege ..I’m moved

    [WarrenHall Crain response: I am truly blessed — in so many ways. Surely being able to count Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a colleague is a blessing.
    — Warren]

  5. Walter Wainwright

    No Truer words spoken. Bless you brothers & sisters. Thanks for posting!

    [WarrenHall Crain response: Brother Martin’s words live on and on. We have a great deal of hate in this world. We also have a great deal of love. And love is stronger than hate.]

  6. Angie Black

    [Responding to WarrenHall Crain’s response — … Love is stronger than hate.]

    So true!!!!!!

  7. WarrenHall Crain

    [In reply to Cerette Prude who liked this post]

    And I see, Cerette, that you live in Birmingham, where Brother Martin did so much of his work and where he wrote “THE LETTER FROM THE BIRMINGHAM JAIL.’ He would be proud to know that we are carrying on his work.

  8. Anonymous

    Rev. Dr. Louis Johnson is my grandfather. What a beautiful memory to come across…and just one day before the celebration of MLK Jr. Sending you love and peace from Detroit, MI . Thank You.

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