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On 28 October 2015, just weeks after this video, a small boat overloaded with refugees capsized in the Aegean Sea between the coast of Turkey and the Greek island of Lesvos. Many were rescued, but at least 11, including 5 children, drowned. Dozens are missing.

This tragic story is becoming all too common as refugees flee for their lives principally from Syria and Afghanistan through Turkey, then in dangerous crossings over the Aegean to Greece and the rest of Europe.

I’ve just sent this e-mail to my two Washington State Senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell:

My dear Senators, Patty and Maria, I’ve just watched a video of people coming ashore from overcrowded rubber boats on the Greek island of Lesvos. Though the people in these boats were alive, those helping them ashore worried that some would die of hypothermia before they were safe. 

I myself was on Lesvos about sixty years ago on a peacetime visit by my U.S. Naval ship.

Some time ago I wrote to you suggesting that we (the American government) charter two cruise ships (with full crew and all facilities) to ferry people from Piraeus, Greece to Philadelphia, USA. Watching these people coming ashore on Lesvos I realize that they still have another ocean crossing to get to mainland Greece.

Let’s send our chartered cruise ships to Izmir, Turkey so that our friends do not have to make the two dangerous crossings in the Aegean Sea. 

Or, perhaps better, and with even less cost, let’s use some of the U.S. Airforce transport planes which are not carrying troops to and from Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan, to bring planeloads of refugees directly from Turkey.

These are people just like you and me. Let’s bring them home to America.

WarrenHall Crain

My friend the poet Kiran Verma has written of an ideal future world “Where everyone has a safe and secure home in which to live.” (See the poem on p. 105 of my book THE MESSAGE http://amzn.to/1Au8iAd. Also see my Facebook posts about the refuges.

We Americans must help to make that vision a reality.

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