(E MINUS 192) 10 SEPTEMBER 2015 #5 NO NUKES!

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A WMD (weapon of mass destruction) is any weapon that can kill or harm a large number of people or structures or the biosphere. A WMD can be radiological, chemical, or biological. The most fearsome WMD is the nuclear weapon … the H-bomb. 
HAVE WE FORGOTTEN? August 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945 (which was far less potent than today’s hydrogen bombs). This should remind us of the horror of nuclear war.
Back in the olden days of the nuclear age, Stanley Kubrick released one of his best films, DR. STRANGELOVE (a satirical farce subtitled “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”). At that time, in addition to launching from the ground, the delivery system of choice was the B-52 bomber.
Nuclear bombs can still be launched from ground or air, but now there is another delivery system, unseen by human eyes, and perhaps not even recognized as a delivery system: the nuclear submarine.
At left above: The actor Slim Pickens in 1964’s DR. STRANGELOVE joyfully riding a nuclear bomb released from a B-52 bomber onto the Soviet Union. At right: The 2012 test of a Trident II D-5 ballistic missile (an SLBM, or submarine-launched ballistic missile) from a Vanguard-class submarine.
Nine nations now have nuclear weapons: the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel (undeclared). Iran has the potential to develop nuclear weapons. Under the U.N. nuclear nonproliferation treaty, nations have been reducing their nuclear stockpiles, but recently Vladimir Putin of Russia announced his intention to develop new ICBMS (intercontinental ballistic missiles). Every effort must be made to prevent this rupture of the nuclear nonproliferation process.
It is my understanding that the nuclear countries regard these weapons as a deterrent and that nobody in any of those countries intends actually to use them. For 70 years no one has done so. Scroll down to “Leave a Reply” to send me your comment.


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2 Comments on “(E MINUS 192) 10 SEPTEMBER 2015 #5 NO NUKES!”

  1. Sandy Breuer

    Warren: You did a Facebook post on this topic and I have copied some Comments that were made on Facebook:

    WarrenHall Crain A friend has commented: “The reason it’s worked all these years is that the “other guy” knows that if anyone sends one our way, we will wipe them off the planet as well. Detente works. That’s all that needs to be said.”
    My response to my friend: If, on the other hand, what if, by dismantling all of our weapons of mass destruction and MAKING A BIG SHOW OF DOING IT, we demonstrate to the world that the United States will never use these cataclysmic instruments. Would that not be an incentive to other nations to do the same?
    This would free up enormous resourcesto use for feeding ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD and moving us toward Kiran Verma’s poetic vision in THE MESSAGE. I’ve included this on pages 102-103 of THE MESSAGE and will deal with this further in FUTURE CHRONICLES (to be published in September 2016).

    Lindsay Hall My concern about the United States reducing nuclear stockpiles unilaterally (or anybody else doing that ) is that some countries, for example North Korea, don’t care what everyone else is doing and don’t reveal much about what they themselves are doing.. Up until Vladimir Putin announced his plans to build new ICBMS, all the parties to the nonproliferaiton treaty were reducing their nuclear items more or less simultaneously, a bit at a time, so no one felt “naked” and vulnerable by having less than anybody else. I think this may be the best way to continue if we can achieve it.

  2. Sandy Breuer

    Here is another exchange of comments that were made on your Facebook post:

    Mary Kazlusky All it takes is one idiot in power . . . . and with all of the warmongers clamoring for recognition, that idiot could easily be from the US.

    WarrenHall Crain Mary and Lindsay, I believe that we must somehow rid the world of WMD. Nobody in his right mind wants to use any of them. Reducing stockpiles is a step in the right direction. THE MESSAGE (page 87, third paragraph) – “All nuclear weapons are now in United Nations control” And there will be much more detail in FUTURE CHRONICLES (which I expect to publish in September 2016).

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