(E minus 300) 25 May 2015—#2 Possibility for Planet Earth

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THE MESSAGE ends with a ringing declaration of possibility for PLANET EARTH. The four pages that precede this declaration are Kiran’s 2033 (CE) statement of the factors leading him to believe that “human beings have within themselves all that they need … to bring us to this glorious period in the life of Planet Earth.”

I hope that you will read and enjoy this whole book.

And I hope that you will focus on these four pages (in the chapter titled “Consensus,” pages 101-104 in the print edition).

Then let me know your thoughts— either by e-mail to me at wcrain@uw.edu … or scroll down to  write your comments under “Leave a Reply.”


Here are two paths you can take to get the book: (1) CLICK HERE for a summary. (2) CLICK HERE to purchase a print or Kindle version of the book.

WarrenHall Crain, 25 May 2015

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2 Comments on “(E minus 300) 25 May 2015—#2 Possibility for Planet Earth”

  1. Sandra Breuer

    Is THE MESSAGE utopian or dystopian? The author calls it utopian. My challenge to others (after you read the whole book): Why do you think he says it is utopian? And do you agree?

  2. Dr. Raghav

    Your book:- I am reading your book “The message” very carefully, just finished your first story after nice poem. Story of Joe, molly and the mysterious letter. When I was reading it, I was feeling this is a message for me by the collective consciousness. I have really so much energy, ideas and dreams to do something for incarnation of new earth. But really it is very hard to face the present human mind set and there down faces. But whenever I meet person like you, I get filled with a specific energy and power in me. Thanks for having such nice soul and kind heart of you.

    And thanks for wonderful book. I like it. I don’t think that the story of Joe and molly is the real one story ha ha ha ha , but yes “the message” what the author, I mean you wanted to give, is really a message that everyone must should understand and feel. I feel purity in this story. Thanks for nice and inspiring story.

    With regards

    Dr. Raghav

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