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On 20 March 2016, Joe and Molly Lambkin get a strange communication: THE MESSAGE. A number of other people around the globe also receive THE MESSAGE that day … but not everyone. Definitely not everyone. What happens, and why, is the story told in this science-fantasy – which includes a serious message for all of us about the future of Planet Earth. Here is an excerpt from the book.


  1. Australia


Joe and Molly

 (3:30 PM, Sunday, 20 March 2016 CE)


Joe and Molly were ordinary folks—plain, simple, good people. In some parts of the world they might be referred to as “the salt of the earth.” Here in Wagga Wagga where they had both lived all their lives they were not widely known. Nothing famous or special about them, though six years ago many people knew them. Joe had been captain of the high school cricket team—a team which that year had won the state cup in New South Wales. Molly had been the prettiest girl in town. She had been pleased when at the victory banquet Joe had asked her to marry him. All the other girls were jealous. And Joe had thought himself the most fortunate bloke in town when she had said yes. They had been going together for years—childhood sweethearts.

Now they had two charming children and lived in a small house in an inexpensive, though surely not run-down, section of Wagga Wagga. Close to each of their families so the grandparents could see their grand-kids often. Joe was already a deacon in the Methodist church where they were members and Molly sang in the choir. Joe worked as a custodian at the High School and never missed a cricket match there. Molly was a nurse at the City Hospital. Joe had made another pot of coffee that afternoon and now held in his hand the six sheets of lined paper on which they had been told THE MESSAGE would appear.

The letter had seemed so strange that they had not told anybody else, though they had kept their ears open wondering whether anybody else had received the letter. It had been in a simple white business envelope with an Australian stamp, postmarked in Sidney on 15 March. No return address. Just the letters CC in plain black print in the upper left corner. No further clues as to where it might have come from. Joe had nearly thrown it in the trash without opening it, thinking it was probably some junk mail or advertising. But it was addressed to them by name:


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lambkin

231 West Smith Street

Wagga Wagga, New South Wales


Joe had opened the envelope to find seven sheets of fine bond paper—a brief message on the first sheet, the rest blank. It had seemed to Molly, when he showed it to her, that it might be a hoax of some sort, though she wondered why if this was simply a joke the sender had used such fine paper. And it seemed to come from someone who knew them, or at least knew their names, Joe and Molly.

ON THE FIRST page of the seven were the following words:

Joe and Molly, you are among a very few people on Planet Earth who are receiving this message. The full message will appear on these pages at a particular moment and we urge you to be ready to read it at that time. Until then the pages will be blank except for these words of instruction.

The full message will appear on these pages, and at the same time to the others chosen to receive the message, at the moment of the vernal equinox next week. For you that will be 3:30 PM on 20 March.

There will be no further announcements of the message, and there will be no dramatic event at that moment. But at exactly 3:30 PM next Sunday the message will appear on your pages and on computer screens or in other forms in other places on the planet. Please read it then and act accordingly.

We will tell you now that your lives will be radically changed. We believe that they will be changed for the better.

After talking together about it for some minutes they had decided to take it seriously and to be ready when the time came for THE MESSAGE to appear.

Joe and Molly had left the envelope with its six sheets of blank paper on the top of the TV, where they often left bills until they were ready to pay them and other mail they wanted to keep. It had been there now for five days along with a wedding announcement from Joe’s buddy who was the last of the gang to marry, an announcement for a rock concert coming up for which they had not yet decided to spend the money, and several bills. Each of them had opened the envelope several times, but nothing new was there. Only the initial instructions and six more blank sheets of paper—blank except for a border around each page and faint lines indicating perhaps something to follow, though they simply looked to Joe like a lined notepad on which nothing had yet been written.

They still thought it might be a hoax. But Joe wondered whether it might be some sort of advertising written in invisible ink. Some sort of ink which would become visible at the time stated in the instructions. Even as late as last evening Molly had said to her husband, “Oh Joe, it’s probably nothing important.”

But now on the twentieth of March at nearly three-thirty in the afternoon they sat quietly with steaming cups of coffee, watching the clock on the wall, until just at 3:30 THE MESSAGE appeared on the sheets in Joe’s hand and they read together:



The Collective Consciousness

of The Universe



The chosen people of The New Earth


We begin by assuring you that this message and the new reality to which it refers is fully for your good, though we do realize that you may question its beneficence. Please read this message carefully and take it seriously. We are who we claim to be and we have done what we have deemed best….



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