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With the ease of global travel these days, more and more of us have contact, and often strong friendship, with people of religions other than ours. I spent part of my childhood in Burma (Myanmar) with its large Buddhist majority. I have now been living for more than two years in a country where nearly everyone is Muslim. I spend a great deal of my time, year by year, in a town in India in which nearly everyone is a Hindu. My home is in the United States, where the majority of people are Christian.

In my novel “Aashish 1926-2034,” http://amzn.to/1Tym7aD … Kiran Verma’s vision at the dedication of the Temple of the People in Khajuraho in 2033 was of the people of the Earth “worship(ing) in richly diverse forms,” though all were reaching toward ultimate reality.

As Rodney King said a few years ago … “Can’t we all just get along?”

— WarrenHall Crain Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan1 12 December 2015

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6 Comments on “(E MINUS 98) 12 DECEMBER 2015 #9 CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?”

  1. Denise Henson

    I agree with you.

    [Reply from WarrenHall Crain: Denise, this is a very rich world in its diversity of traditions — religious, ethnic, national. Almost any day in any city one might find some celebration — perhaps a worship service, or lighting candles at a memorial,or a wedding party taking photos in front of the Opera House. We are all richly blest in this life. Warren]

  2. Carol Brown


    [Reply from WarrenHall Crain: I believe that the time will come — sometimes — in human history when we do all get along.]

  3. Jimbo Bloodworth

    Um, No.

    [Reply from WarrenHall Crain: Tough enough in families — mine included. Getting along isn’t easy.

  4. Lenora Taylor

    God loves all of His Children… Just because I may worship or Praise in A Different way does not mean that my way is the wrong way or vice versa… But what I Do know is that There is Only One God, we should All Be Striving To Serve Him and Do His Will!!! Once we understand That, Then we All Can Get Along!!!

    [Reply from WarrenHall Crain: Nicely stated, Lenora. I hope many people read your comment here.

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