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If TALES FROM EARTH ORBIT is Chapter One of a forthcoming book – then I’m looking forward to that book ­čÖé

WarrenHall Crain has the mind and vision of a 21st century Arthur C. Clarke (most of whose books I’ve had the pleasure to read). The same positive attitude about the future, a willingness to look beyond today’s hazards and problems – to present us with refreshing vignettes about good people, of different personalities / backgrounds – enjoying the good things of possible futures. The technology is comfortably presented ; the people’s plans and attitudes are positive. With so MUCH dystopian literature being issued today – Mr. Crain’s vision of the future is as spring sunshine cutting through a dark and poisonous smog. Mr. Crain’s science and engineering are accurate – a pleasure to read about – this is NO fantasy ! We enjoy slo-motion (at the top of the mountain – speeding up as we descend to higher gravity) skiing, riding special flying bicycles, and having a (smallish !) hurricane every few years (on an orbiting habitat patterned after tropical islands). All so well told.

Mr. Crain brings to life the visions of Gerard K. O’Neil (who showed us, during the 1960’s, the possibilities of enormous cylindrical cities in space, comfortably accommodating thousands of people. ) Personally, as a former private pilot, I’d LOVE to earn my Aercycle licence ! Maybe even become an instructor . . .

Just a suggestion : The ‘Mediterranean Impact’ shows that a good future for all can NOT be guaranteed (worthwhile point to make). The damage / suffering is well presented. But, actually, the Sun could not expel a 2-km iron spheroid (because the Sun is almost all hydrogen and helium gas). If the present book is re-written, then the Med. Devastator could be presented as a long-period comet originating in the Oort Cloud far beyond the Solar System. It whips around the Sun – and impacts the east Med. region causing the disaster(s) already presented.
This idea is just my ‘musing’. The rest of the science in this book is so well presented, that this one ‘glitch’ just stood out by comparison.

Thank You, WarrenHill Crain, for your vision of a future people actually look FORWARD to.

My suggestion is that the 2-km inpactor be presented as a comet, originating in the Oort Cloud beyond the Solar System, whipping around the Sun

Just a suggestion –