HALF OF EARTH MUST STAY WILD ONE THING threatens Earth even more than climate change – the extinction of species. Species extinction is the other major threat to Earth. Extinction of species by human activity is accelerating at a pace to eliminate more than half of all species by the end of this century — destabilizing Earth’s billion-year-old environmental support system. And while climate changes can be corrected, extinct species are gone forever. Extinctions must be prevented. They cannot be corrected.Perhaps we can stabilize Earth’s climate by reducing carbon emissions and developing technologies such as carbon removal and sunlight deflection. Humans probably have the brains to halt and correct climate change … if we have the will. Species extinction is … Read More


IN THE NEAR FUTURE, SPACEPLANES — descendants of the Boeing X-37 in this artist’s rendering— will take off from Earth, arc into sub-orbit above the atmosphere (passengers will be weightless for awhile), then glide gently to a landing halfway around the globe in about 2 hours. NOT YET … but spaceplanes are already in development and people with a lot of money are buying tickets. When spaceplanes become common and economical, I can make the flight from Tacoma to Bishkek in about 2 hours. TODAY, however, I am just winding up my 32-hour journey from Tacoma to Bishkek, via Los Angeles and Moscow. — returning to finish my stint as Visiting Professor of the English Language at Arabaev University after … Read More


ONE WORLD The lunar astronauts often made comments such as this from Michael Collins (Gemini 10 and Apollo 11): “I really believe that if the political leaders of the world could see their planet from a distance of 100,000 miles their outlook could be fundamentally changed. That all-important border would be invisible, that noisy argument silenced.” The NASA image shown here, recently captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, includes a bit of the surface of the moon below Planet Earth. (The Earth-to-moon distance actually averages about 250,000 miles.) When I saw this photo, I thought of the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag and thought it could be, as well, a pledge to the globe we all inhabit: ONE … Read More


WITH MY GREAT GRANDSONS IN TACOMA Braylon and Tyson are now almost 5 years old. The future is theirs. As a future historian, I think about that a lot. I live in hope expectant that we can and will solve Earth’s problems … and that the future for these boys and all the world’s children for generations to come will be quite wonderful. My novels of future history are coming along rapidly. TALES FROM EARTH ORBIT will publish in September … FUTURE CHRONICLES to follow in 2017. Braylon and Tyson are already reading, and I hope that someday they will read and enjoy their great grandpa’s books. WarrenHall Crain Tacoma, Washington 28 July 2016 Please like & share:

(E) 20 March 2016 #14 … THE EVENT

E (the EVENT) on the Vernal Equinox, 20 March 2016, is an occurrence in my book THE MESSAGE:http://amzn.to/1Au8iAd. It is my science-fantasy way of dealing with the many problems facing humanity in this sixteenth year of the twenty-first century of the Common Era. I believe firmly that if we face these issues and understand their urgency we can deal with them. And when we do so we can fulfill the vision of my dear friend Kiran Verma, the poet laureate of Khajuraho (page 105). Read the book and talk with me by e-mail (wcrain@uw.edu) or scroll down to Leave a Reply and enter your comment. WarrenHall Crain Bishkek, The Kyrgyz Republic 20 March 2016 Please like & share:

(E MINUS 40) 9 FEBRUARY 2016 #13 … WHAT IS “E MINUS 40”?

Way back last April I began using this cryptic message “E MINUS…DAYS” to begin some of my posts on this symposium. Since then, I’ve used this “E-MINUS …DAYS” several times. We now have only 40 days. I’ve been surprised that nobody has asked me to explain. And I am not now going to explain. I do, however, urge you to read the book THE MESSAGE. You can read an excerpt by clicking HERE. When you read THE MESSAGE, you will understand, and you will share my sense of urgency. Scroll down to “Leave a Reply” to tell me what “E” means and why it is important. WarrenHall Crain Bishkek, The Kyrgyz Republic 9 February 2016 Please like & share:


(E MINUS 44) 5 FEBRUARY 2016 … READ AN EXCERPT FROM “THE MESSAGE.” Read this excerpt … then order the THE MESSAGE at http://amzn.to/1Au8iAd … (limited-time Kindle price 99 cents – paperback $5.78). Reply below or email me at wcrain@uw.edu to tell me what “E” stands for in the above date (E MINUS 40). You’ll figure it out in the first few pages. ____________________________________________________ On 20 March 2016, Joe and Molly Lambkin get a strange communication: THE MESSAGE. A number of other people around the globe also receive THE MESSAGE that day … but not everyone. Definitely not everyone. What happens, and why, is the story told in this science-fantasy – which includes a serious message for all of us about … Read More


On the sixth of April of last year I began a post here on KIRAN’S SYMPOSIUM — http://warrenhallcrain.com/symposium/” I am convinced that over-population lies at the heart of our problems here on Planet Earth.” Today, nearly a year later, I am more and more convinced that this is true. If you have read my book THE MESSAGE you will understand my challenge to deal with this issue urgently.  If you’ve not yet read the book, please get a copy (paperback or Kindle) from Amazon.comhttp://amzn.to/1Au8iAd. The date of today’s post is “E MINUS 50” … 30 January 2016. What does “E” mean? When you read THE MESSAGE you will be able to figure out what “E” stands for. Scroll down to “Leave a … Read More

(E minus 300) 25 May 2015—#2 Possibility for Planet Earth

— THE MESSAGE ends with a ringing declaration of possibility for PLANET EARTH. The four pages that precede this declaration are Kiran’s 2033 (CE) statement of the factors leading him to believe that “human beings have within themselves all that they need … to bring us to this glorious period in the life of Planet Earth.” I hope that you will read and enjoy this whole book. And I hope that you will focus on these four pages (in the chapter titled “Consensus,” pages 101-104 in the print edition). Then let me know your thoughts— either by e-mail to me at wcrain@uw.edu … or scroll down to  write your comments under “Leave a Reply.” BE SURE TO OBTAIN A COPY OF THE MESSAGE. Here … Read More

Population: Earth’s Most Important Challenge

From Seth Fearey to WarrenHall Crain re Kiran’s vision   The most important challenge, as I see it, is population.  You seem to agree.  I don’t know if I mentioned it to you, but my father worked for Population Action International for about 20 years after he retired from the Foreign Service.  PAI is the largest privately funded think tank in the US.  He was a bit late to the party….  he had five kids and he was very disappointed when I told him that I was not going to have any. I see population growth as based on two very profound forces.  First is our biological imperative.  We are programmed to reproduce.  Second is economics.  Children are still needed in much of … Read More