PARAGUAY HAS ELIMINATED MALARIA.  The World Health Organization confirmed it in early July. Argentina may be declared malaria-free later this year. You can get malaria from the bite of an infected mosquito – and you will feel awful. I should know. When I was 6 years old (in Burma with my missionary parents) I had malaria. It was like having terrible case of flu with aches and shaking chills. Malaria is life threatening if not treated. Nearly half the world’s population is at risk of malaria The World Health Organization states that In 2015 there were roughly 212 million cases with an estimated 429,000 deaths. The malaria belt circles the world, encompassing about 100 countries, mostly in the tropical or … Read More


WITH MY GREAT GRANDSONS IN TACOMA Braylon and Tyson are now almost 5 years old. The future is theirs. As a future historian, I think about that a lot. I live in hope expectant that we can and will solve Earth’s problems … and that the future for these boys and all the world’s children for generations to come will be quite wonderful. My novels of future history are coming along rapidly. TALES FROM EARTH ORBIT will publish in September … FUTURE CHRONICLES to follow in 2017. Braylon and Tyson are already reading, and I hope that someday they will read and enjoy their great grandpa’s books. WarrenHall Crain Tacoma, Washington 28 July 2016 Please like & share:

Let Us Create an Ideal World

LET US CREATE AN IDEAL WORLD A response to  “Song of Myself” from LEAVES OF GRASS by Walt Whitman           I was pleased to read, for our course this week, the poetry by the outstanding American writer Walt Whitman. Until now I have never read any kind of poetry that deeply disclosed the theme about life, the tremendous connection between humanity and nature, the creations of God. According to his poems I can characterize him as a great writer who really loved life; who was against race, gender and social discrimination; he wanted to prove to humanity that all human beings were created by the same God; all of them are equal in spite of their race, gender and social position; … Read More