9 JULY 2017 #32 ARE WE ALONE?

ARE WE ALONE? WHAT IF WE’RE NOT? SETI — the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence —  has been going on for awhile. SETI looks for planets that could support life … maybe intelligent life … and listens for messages aliens might try to send us. METI – Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence —  is now getting started. METI scientists are not just listening for messages from aliens, they are devising messages to send to aliens. This means sending radio waves in regular patterns intelligent beings could recognize as deliberate attempts at contact, not just radio noise. Until recently, an  answer to a METI message sent to the far reaches of the universe was not considered possible for another 50,000 years. But this year, … Read More


IN THE NEAR FUTURE, SPACEPLANES — descendants of the Boeing X-37 in this artist’s rendering— will take off from Earth, arc into sub-orbit above the atmosphere (passengers will be weightless for awhile), then glide gently to a landing halfway around the globe in about 2 hours. NOT YET … but spaceplanes are already in development and people with a lot of money are buying tickets. When spaceplanes become common and economical, I can make the flight from Tacoma to Bishkek in about 2 hours. TODAY, however, I am just winding up my 32-hour journey from Tacoma to Bishkek, via Los Angeles and Moscow. — returning to finish my stint as Visiting Professor of the English Language at Arabaev University after … Read More


Download a FREE Kindle copy of my book —THE MESSAGE —for 5 days, Thursday 28 Jan to Monday 1 Feb — at http://amzn.to/1Au8iAd. Price during these 5 days: $0.00. Read the book, THE MESSAGE — my science-fantasy of the near future. Solve this puzzle: Today is 28 January – E-MINUS 52 DAYS. What is the meaning of “E”? (It’s easy to figure out when you read the book.) Email your answer for “What is the meaning of E?” Go to the last page of the Kindle book and simply click on my email address: wcrain@uw.edu to send me your answer. I will publish the names of the “winners” (everyone who sent me a right answer) on E-MINUS 10 (10 March). … Read More

(E minus 300) 25 May 2015—#2 Possibility for Planet Earth

— THE MESSAGE ends with a ringing declaration of possibility for PLANET EARTH. The four pages that precede this declaration are Kiran’s 2033 (CE) statement of the factors leading him to believe that “human beings have within themselves all that they need … to bring us to this glorious period in the life of Planet Earth.” I hope that you will read and enjoy this whole book. And I hope that you will focus on these four pages (in the chapter titled “Consensus,” pages 101-104 in the print edition). Then let me know your thoughts— either by e-mail to me at wcrain@uw.edu … or scroll down to  write your comments under “Leave a Reply.” BE SURE TO OBTAIN A COPY OF THE MESSAGE. Here … Read More

Let Us Create an Ideal World

LET US CREATE AN IDEAL WORLD A response to  “Song of Myself” from LEAVES OF GRASS by Walt Whitman           I was pleased to read, for our course this week, the poetry by the outstanding American writer Walt Whitman. Until now I have never read any kind of poetry that deeply disclosed the theme about life, the tremendous connection between humanity and nature, the creations of God. According to his poems I can characterize him as a great writer who really loved life; who was against race, gender and social discrimination; he wanted to prove to humanity that all human beings were created by the same God; all of them are equal in spite of their race, gender and social position; … Read More