(E) 20 March 2016 #14 … THE EVENT

E (the EVENT) on the Vernal Equinox, 20 March 2016, is an occurrence in my book THE MESSAGE:http://amzn.to/1Au8iAd. It is my science-fantasy way of dealing with the many problems facing humanity in this sixteenth year of the twenty-first century of the Common Era. I believe firmly that if we face these issues and understand their urgency we can deal with them. And when we do so we can fulfill the vision of my dear friend Kiran Verma, the poet laureate of Khajuraho (page 105). Read the book and talk with me by e-mail (wcrain@uw.edu) or scroll down to Leave a Reply and enter your comment. WarrenHall Crain Bishkek, The Kyrgyz Republic 20 March 2016 Please like & share:


On the sixth of April of last year I began a post here on KIRAN’S SYMPOSIUM — http://warrenhallcrain.com/symposium/” I am convinced that over-population lies at the heart of our problems here on Planet Earth.” Today, nearly a year later, I am more and more convinced that this is true. If you have read my book THE MESSAGE you will understand my challenge to deal with this issue urgently.  If you’ve not yet read the book, please get a copy (paperback or Kindle) from Amazon.comhttp://amzn.to/1Au8iAd. The date of today’s post is “E MINUS 50” … 30 January 2016. What does “E” mean? When you read THE MESSAGE you will be able to figure out what “E” stands for. Scroll down to “Leave a … Read More

(E minus 350) 6 April 2015 — #1 Over-Population

I am convinced that over-population lies at the heart of our problems here on Planet Earth. At the end of THE MESSAGE I’ve challenged us to look for and share ideas/thoughts about how we will fulfill Kiran’s vision (page 105). In THE MESSAGE, which I hope you have read, in the blinking of an eye Earth’s population is reduced to one billion people. In FUTURE CHRONICLES, THE FIRST FIVE HUNDRED YEARS OF THE AGE OF SPACE (future history, not science fiction), which I hope to publish in September of next year, in not much longer time the population of our home planet is brought to two billion people. I maintain that three billion people will be optimum, but expect that … Read More