HALF OF EARTH MUST STAY WILD ONE THING threatens Earth even more than climate change – the extinction of species. Species extinction is the other major threat to Earth. Extinction of species by human activity is accelerating at a pace to eliminate more than half of all species by the end of this century — destabilizing Earth’s billion-year-old environmental support system. And while climate changes can be corrected, extinct species are gone forever. Extinctions must be prevented. They cannot be corrected.Perhaps we can stabilize Earth’s climate by reducing carbon emissions and developing technologies such as carbon removal and sunlight deflection. Humans probably have the brains to halt and correct climate change … if we have the will. Species extinction is … Read More


NUMBERS NOT SEEN FOR 100 YEARS Humpback whales have returned to New York Harbor and other New York waters in sizable numbers not seen in 100 years. (In the photo a humpback skyhops off Rockaway Peninsula with the Empire State Building and Manhattan skyline just behind.) Why have the whales come back to New York? Improved water quality (thanks to the Clean Water Act of 1972) has caused algae and zooplankton to multiply. This provides food for menhaden – a small fish that whales like to eat. Boats do sometimes bump into the whales in New York’s busy harbor, but nobody seems to mind very much – just watch out for the whales. Humpback  whales were taken off the Endangered … Read More

Let Us Create an Ideal World

LET US CREATE AN IDEAL WORLD A response to  “Song of Myself” from LEAVES OF GRASS by Walt Whitman           I was pleased to read, for our course this week, the poetry by the outstanding American writer Walt Whitman. Until now I have never read any kind of poetry that deeply disclosed the theme about life, the tremendous connection between humanity and nature, the creations of God. According to his poems I can characterize him as a great writer who really loved life; who was against race, gender and social discrimination; he wanted to prove to humanity that all human beings were created by the same God; all of them are equal in spite of their race, gender and social position; … Read More