NUMBERS NOT SEEN FOR 100 YEARS Humpback whales have returned to New York Harbor and other New York waters in sizable numbers not seen in 100 years. (In the photo a humpback skyhops off Rockaway Peninsula with the Empire State Building and Manhattan skyline just behind.) Why have the whales come back to New York? Improved water quality (thanks to the Clean Water Act of 1972) has caused algae and zooplankton to multiply. This provides food for menhaden – a small fish that whales like to eat. Boats do sometimes bump into the whales in New York’s busy harbor, but nobody seems to mind very much – just watch out for the whales. Humpback  whales were taken off the Endangered … Read More

Kiran’s Vision: A Straw Poll of 14 Arabaev University Students

This past Thursday, after sharing ALWAYS with my fifth year students I asked them to help me with research necessary as I work on FUTURE CHRONICLES: THE FIRST FIVE HUNDRED YEARS OF THE AGE OF SPACE. I gave them a document with the eight points of Kiran’s vision listed and asked them to write in: How many years until _______. That is, how many years from now until these visionary items are fulfilled. Here are their results (14 students – these are the averages of their responses):   One student wrote right down the page, covering all  — “It will be possible  when we will change our mind and take care our nature and life.”   Here are the rest of … Read More


“Does the Whale’s Magnitude Diminish?  Will He Perish?” (chapter 105 of MOBY DICK) – How marvelous that we find this question heading a chapter whose number is the same as the page number (page 105 of THE MESSAGE) on which we find Kiran’s utopian poem !! Yes. I am reading MOBY DICK – again. This time on my Kindle as I am in Kyrgyzstan, far from my home library (in storage in Seattle). There I Have a beautifully printed and bound volume of MOBY DICK and a fine set of CDs for audio listening. And here I have a Russian translation, though my Russian proficiency is still very low. Over the years, I’ve viewed at least two fine Hollywood films of … Read More